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Valparaiso Rotary Club


Submission Requirements for Grant Requests 


1.     Rotary Community Development/Service Grants are given for either:

a)     The procurement of a specific item or items, usually as part of a larger project. These grant monies are not available as a supplement to cover a recipient’s general operating expenses or as a contribution to a recipient’s wider community capital campaign.

b)    Service projects and community events that serve local community needs. These grant requests must be community service oriented and provide benefit primarily to residents of the city of Valparaiso and secondarily to residents of Porter County.

2.     Grant requests must be submitted electronically using the egrant application found below no later than Friday, October 11th, 2019.  Grant applications in any other format will not be accepted.  

Requests should be concise. Requests must explain available opportunities for matching  or challenge-funding support, the number of people who will be impacted by the grant, and the date that the grant-related project will be completed.  If a service project, include a summary of the project or event along with its benefits to the community.  Include the budget for proposed project and an explanation of how the grant monies will be used. 

3.     The grant-related project must be completed within the Rotary fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) in which the grant is given.  In the event that a project is not completed by June 30, 2020, the recipient may request in writing an extension of up to one additional year for just cause.

4.   The grant is paid to the recipient when the Community Service Committee receives a written confirmation that the grant-related project has been completed and the measurable outcomes achieved. 

5.   Please send budget attachments and any specific details about attachments to Co-Chair Lauren Orchard:

6.   If there are any questions about the grant application, please email Co-Chair 


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Previous Community Development/Service Grants 2016-2017

1.       Family House--New steel entrance doors:     $   900 (plus an additional $800 from donor)

2.       Ivy Tech—Equipment for Electrocardiography Tech Program:                                    $1,700

3.       Our Greater Good—Supplies for Love & Logic Parenting Program:                          $2,400

4.       Valparaiso Parks—Tower Park Renovation:                                                                   $5,000

5.       The Caring Place—Smart TVs and DVRs for Shelter:                                                   $1,500

6.       Visiting Nurse Association—Supplies for the Phoenix Center:                                   $    600

7.       Housing Opportunities—Keypad locks for new Park Place residence for women:    $    900

8.       Hilltop Neighborhood House—New pavilion at Walt’s Place:                                       $6,500

                                                        (District Grant--$3,500 + $3,000 from our club)

9.       Recovery Connection--Renovated front porch and benches:                                      $   500

                                                              (New Member grant)

Total from Community Development/Service Committee        $13,000

                     District Grant                                                                                         6,500

                     New Member Committee                                                                      500

                             Total Community Investment                                               $20,800


Previous Community Development/Service Grants 2017-2018

1.      District 1 Hospital Emergency Planning Committee:  Purchase of 56 Save-a-Cop Kits with training provided--$3,000.

2.      Healthlinc—Reach out and Read Program for children under age 6--$500.  Funds provided by Rotary Literacy Committee.

3.      Housing Opportunities—Renovating a unit to create a Men’s Overnight Shelter--$1,000.

4.      Project Neighbors:  WVLP—Valparaiso’s Community Radio Station equipment upgrade--$2,500.

5.      Shirley Heinze Land Trust—Meadowbrook Bridge/stairway improvement project--$1,000.

6.      Purdue Gabis Arboretum/Taltree—Inclusive gardening project--$2,500


                     Total:  $10,500

Previous Community Development/Service Grants 2018-2019

1.   Pines Village—$2,500

2.   Hilltop Neighborhood Food Pantry—$2,500

3.   Opportunity Enterprises—$2,000

4.   Porter County PACT—$1,830

5.   United Way—$1,500

6.   Our Greater Good—$670

Total $11,000

For more information on grants:

Email our Co-Community Development/Service Chair:

 Lauren Orchard:

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