Our Rotary Valpo Satellite Club


It all started when…

A group of young professionals in our area came to our Rotary Valpo Board with a suggestion. They wanted a Club tailored towards a younger crowd.

Just like us, they wanted to do great things. They wanted to change the world. They also wanted to a part of a great mission. They just wanted to do these great things with people their own age.

For this and many other great reasons, we decided to sponsor this great group of incredible minds and the Rotary Valpo Satellite Club was born.

Join them in their quest to improve people’s lives within our community and beyond. They actively have meetings throughout the year and have causes they choose to help. Below are some pictures of the great things they have already done for the causes they choose.

Find them on Facebook @RotaryValpoSatelliteClub and Instagram @rotaryvalposc today and join them in the fun!